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Rendang – King Of Malay Cuisine

What would Hari Raya (Eid festivals), kenduris and other Malay family gatherings be without Rendang? The Rendang takes centre stage and is meticulously prepared and presented during these festivals. Festivals without Rendang would be like burgers without fries or fish without chips. What is Rendang? It is generally a spicy, meat dish slow cooked in … Continue reading Rendang – King Of Malay Cuisine

Butter Chicken

The famous butter chicken recipe originated in northern India in the state of Punjab. There is something so special about this recipe, that once you have eaten it you become a fan. The flavors, the color and aroma is absolutely fantastic. If you too want to make this recipe at home then please read on. … Continue reading Butter Chicken

Lamb Rogan Josh

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