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Butter Chicken

The famous butter chicken recipe originated in northern India in the state of Punjab. There is something so special about this recipe, that once you have eaten it you become a fan. The flavors, the color and aroma is absolutely fantastic. If you too want to make this recipe at home then please read on.

Butter chicken, as the name suggests is chicken cooked in butter and served with butter on top. So yes, a lot of butter is used in the making. Traditionally it is made from a tandoori chicken. Boneless pieces are torn from a tandoori chicken and then cooked in a tomato gravy.

The following recipe is made from boneless chicken which is baked in a oven (won’t take long), to give a similar taste. If you follow the link at the bottom of this page, it will lead you to another butter chicken, which is made by chicken pieces on the bone. I use onion in that to make more gravy. You can try even that recipe for a change. You will also find how to give a smoky aroma to your gravy, without actually baking the chicken. So first this recipe, with boneless chicken.

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